Thursday, June 3, 2021

SPIRIT and the 7 churches


The LORD JESUS said:

Revelation 2:29

King James Version

29 He that hath an ear, 

let him hear what the Spirit saith 

unto the churches.

Welcome to our 30th blog -- SPIRIT and the 7 churches.

The Holy Spirit alerted me to the importance of the FIRST three books of Revelation.

Consider this blog a study guide on those chapters.

Only by being born again was I able to see through the LENS of the HOLY SPIRIT.

When you genuinely wish to know the Lord, the Holy Spirit will be sent to teach you -- at a time God chooses.

On this new blog, we will find out more about the church Jesus wants us to have -- HIS church -- the REAL church.

On His BOOK of REVELATION, Jesus was very clear on the following:

1. The name of the church He admonished.

2. The sins of that church.

3. The punishment for those sins.

4. The benefits of heeding the Lord's command.

5. The power of Jesus over these churches.

6. The relevance of these churches to each one of us.

7. The urgency of heeding God's call.

Please join me on an AWESOME adventure as the LORD JESUS revealed the state of those churches, how relevant those are in today's times, and what we all need to do to RECONCILE ourselves with Him.

It's a call for ALL of us -- individually, and as a whole body -- for we all comprise HIS church.

As Jesus said each time He admonished a church:

Revelation 2:29

King James Version

29 He that hath an ear, 

let him hear 

what the Spirit saith 

unto the churches.

Who are we not to honor the Lord, and listen to His WORD?

Expect wonderful treasures from this blog!

Now, on to next post, The REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST.

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